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LCR Capacitors (EU) Ltd
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Y/S/ED Capacitors

They are intended for mains to earth connection, meeting the international test requirements for Class Y capacitors BS EN 60065 1994 and IEC 384.


Power Factor Correction Capacitors 3-Phase power factor correction capacitor units. The capacitors are manufactured from metallised polypropylene fi lm and are
of a dry construction and therefore

Motor Run Capacitors This series of capacitors is designed for permanent connection in the auxiliary windings of single phase induction motors.

Power Application Power Application Capacitors

Power Correction Power Factor Correction Units

Automotive suppression capacitors These capacitors are designed to suppress alternator ignition and switch interference. Suitable for use in various vehicle's including commercial, military, marine and agricultural. Encapsulated in a flame retardant moulded case.

Snubbers Snubbers

Interference Interference Suppressor Capacitors

Pulse Filter Pulse High Frequency Capacitors

Timing Coupling Decoupling Timing Capacitors

Precision Precision Capacitors

Audio Precision/Audio Capacitors (+HV)

RC Suppressor The LCR RC network will suppress arcing and also reduce dv/dt.
The RC network also suppresses radio interference over a wide frequency range.

A Small selection
of our Specials
If you don’t see the product you require, we will design and manufacture a special for your particular application.

Capacitor accessories  LCR Capacitors offer a range of accessories.
'S' Series: Nylon mounting clip for tubular capacitors
'SC' Series: Nylon mounting clip for tubular capacitors
Nylon Capacitor Safety Caps

Filters and Power Correction Please push the info button for all information about the range of  Filters and Power Correction components.

Polystyrene FSC Polystyrene
EXFS/HR Polystyrene
SUF710 Polystyrene




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